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Do you really believe Komatsu manufactures all their own parts?

              If you do, I have a bridge to sell you. But it’s not your fault; millions of dollars have been spent to try and convince you of this very notion. The Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are the only supplier of good quality Komatsu parts. Komatsu if the second largest manufacturer of construction equipment worldwide. We can attest to the quality and longevity of the product, and it is our opinion that Komatsu equipment are among the best engineered in the world. But if Komatsu made all their own parts, we wouldn’t see names like Bosch and Zexel, Cummins, ZF, Rexroth and so many others on their machines. The fact is OEM manufacturers can’t develop these components cost effectively, so they are farmed out to other component manufacturers. The result is that the same injector you buy for your Komatsu can be calibrated to work on a Caterpillar or John Deere machine and the same can be said for most components.

Do you believe all Komatsu Parts are engineered by Komatsu for Komatsu?

              While Komatsu and other OEMs will provide engineering specs for all their components, many of these specs often match the spec of a competitor’s machine. It’s only natural that the manufacturers of these components will make their parts in such a way that they will serve a variety of manufacturers. If you can crack the code, you can walk into any Cummins distributor in the world and walk out with the right part for your Komatsu engine. Not just one that will work, but the exact same part with a Cummins logo instead o

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