Dear Customers,
Thank you so much for being a loyal customer. We value your loyalty and strive to be your go to partner for top quality Komatsu Parts for years to come.

2021 has been a challenging year for us. Komatsu America Corp and Komatsu LTD have sued us three times so far this year. At the beginning of the year, we were doing business as Our registered company name being KomatsuPart LLC. But we were not sued in a court of law where we could mount and adequate defense, rather, we were sued through Icann which is an international body that regulates domain names. Their principal claim was that our name was confusing the consumer into thinking we were somehow associated with Komatsu LTD. This was even though our logo included the tag line “Premium Aftermarket Parts”, and despite every single product and category description on our site stating that our parts were “aftermarket or replacement parts”. Unfortunately, this Icann does not allow us to face our accusers or mount a proper defense. All we could do was submit a written response to their claim and they decided against us and awarded our domain name to Komatsu America Corp.

We then sued Komatsu America Corp in Federal Court to stay the decision from Icann, but we were forced to move our website to in a hurry while we awaited our day in court. This led to many issues with your accounts and subsequently, we lost a lot of business as a result.
Komatsu America Corp is suing us once again for our domain name though Icann and has also brought a civil suit against us. While we believe we will ultimately prevail, we had to take steps to protect our business. Therefore, we have changed our name to CPP Brand in order to avoid these frivolous actions against us.

Komatsu America Corp reported revenues of $7.9B. While we believe every company should have the right to protect their interest, we believe these lawsuits are skirting the law in a way that violates US antitrust laws. Komatsu is coming after us because we continually out-rank all Komatsu dealers online for generic terms like “Komatsu Parts, Komatsu Parts Online, or Komatsu Parts near me”. They are taking advantage of their status as the second largest heavy equipment manufacturer to try and eliminate any competition to their dealers. We believe these actions ultimately disenfranchise you the consumer thus eliminating a viable option for you to purchase quality Komatsu Parts at a significant savings from that of Komatsu Dealers.
Attached are copies of the complaints levied against us. We humbly ask that you help us by sharing this letter or even just liking this letter on your social media to bring attention to Komatsu’s unfair business practices and bullying tactics against smaller business. You deserve a choice when buying parts for your equipment, and we deserve the opportunity to play on a level playing field for your business.

Thank you and we look forward to continuing to serve you for years to come.

KomatsuPart LLC, dba CPP Brand


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